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Story Prompt (untitled)

“The outskirts of the city are the place where no respectable person goes. It’s the domain of creatures and outcasts. Your protagonist is living there. Are they a creature or outcast? Or do they have a more specific reason for being there?”

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Future Plans

I think everyone has been asked the age-old question of: “Where do you see yourself in (insert number here) years?” Or the other popular one: “What are your plans for the future?” Honestly, these plans change as you grow and... Continue Reading →

My Chronic Illnesses

"Oh, but you're too young to have anything wrong with you."


I'm relaunching!!

In God’s Image

​Honestly, we wonder why young girls and even women develop eating disorders and obsessions with their appearances. But you know what I see when I scroll through my Facebook feed, what I see on the TV? I see the women... Continue Reading →

First Two Weeks of College

​Okay, so first things first: updating a lot while I was in Missouri did not work out—for various reasons that I don’t really want to get into. I apologize for not updating as much as I said that I would.... Continue Reading →

Dark Obsessions

​I may step on a few toes with this post, but that's okay.  People in this generation are obsessed with the psychotic, the creepy, the dark, the evil, the twisted side of life. And I just don't understand it. What... Continue Reading →

To the College Freshman

​ This post goes out to the college freshmen out there. You know who you are.  So, it's your first year at college. Most likely, you're away from home and staying in the dorms. Good. Dorm life is much better.... Continue Reading →

Godly Relationships pt. 1

​In relationships, there should always be certain standards and things we strive for. As Christians, we should strive for Godly Relationships. That doesn't always necessarily strictly mean romantic relationships. Relationship means " the way in which two or more concepts,... Continue Reading →

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